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6-7-20  -  Rose Hill Cemetery (2019 investigation) Now Posted!!!!!

My apologies for not having more updates on the website, the past 2 years have been busy with real life!  I am still investigating and have more to update that I have not had the chance to do so!

Thank you for your support as always!

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Welcome to Chuck's Paranormal Adventures.   My name is Chuck,  hence the title to my website!  I am located in Monroe Township in Central New Jersey.

Beginning in October of 2010,   I finally made the plunge into the world of exploring and investigating the world of the paranormal, in this case - Ghost Hunting!   This website was started as a way of allowing my family and friends to keep up to date with my investigations.   Of course that also means that other people with an interest in the ghosts and spirits  will also stumble upon this site as well.   I welcome everybody and hope that you find my site interesting! 

The first question I am frequently asked is,  "Chuck, why did you start investigating?

My wife and I have been very big fans of the paranormal shows on cable TV,  namely Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.   Though  we do enjoy watching some of the other shows on TV too and have been following them for years.  When I had the available time,  personally I would take time to check out the many different websites devoted to Ghost Hunting and Paranormal research, where I learned a great deal over time.

The idea to start Ghost Hunting was spawned after watching an episode of Ghost Adventures - Return to Bobby Mackey's Music World.   At the end of the episode,  Aaron makes a challenge to all skeptics out there that if they think this is all fake (what they do), then they should go out and try it themselves and see what happens!   Now I was not a skeptic in the sense that I did not believe,  but some of the others shows I have watched,  had moments where it was hard to tell if the evidence being shown on the show was real,  or was evidence  staged in order to keep the viewers interested?   So I decided to find out for myself.

Chuck's adventures at the Old Washoe Club,  April 17, 2014

I ordered some basic equipment (K-II EMF detector,  IR Thermometer and a digital voice recorder) and I already had a digital camera.   So I decided to check out a nearby public cemetery and see what I could find.  On reviewing my evidence,  I had 6 possible EVPs!   Since then,  it has been unbelievable the evidence and experiences I have personally collected.  It is one thing to see the evidence presented on a TV show,   it is quite another to experience it first hand!

I will be exploring areas of interest in   New Jersey and I am not basing my investigations on whether or not these places have been already deemed to be "haunted" or not.  If one cemetery has paranormal activity, does that mean they all do?  Does age of the cemetery have anything to do with paranormal activity?  Are the spirits that reside there, friendly?  Angry?  Scared?

What about the historical areas of New Jersey that date back to the Revolution?   Is Monmouth Battlefield State Park a mini-version of Gettysburg?  Are there American and British soldiers still wandering the fields fighting a battle from over 200 years ago?  Lots of questions to be answered, but for me going to a known hot spot such as Eastern State Penitentiary is not going to answer them for me.   Not that I would pass up an opportunity to investigate such a place, but so many paranormal groups have already gone there, I would just add to the list of somebody who investigated there and found something.   Not knowing what is there in advance adds a bit more suspense to the investigation!

Besides going out on my personal adventures,  I'm also willing to help out private households,  businesses and historical locations if you feel like you are being bothered by possible paranormal activity.  I  do not charge for my services,  my goal in cases like this is to find out if there is paranormal activity taking place or is there a natural explanation for events taking place. 


Again,  welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy your visit here and my adventures too!




Welcome fans of the "X" Zone radio program hosted by Rob McConnell! If you missed my appearance on the June 14 show,  you can listen to the broadcast as it is uploaded on Youtube


Thank you for visiting my website!